Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Generation Y and 3D Internet

I have broken my keynote cherry. Last week I delivered the keynote address to the Digital Technologies Professional Learning Symposium here in Auckland. The audience was made up of 150 IT teachers for 11-17 year olds. The conference was orgnaised by Michael King of Cognition Consulting to promote the new Digital Technologies curriculum.

I wanted the pitch to address a generic Generation Y persona, I did this by using a character called Chloe and talking about her likes and dislikes. I then spoke about the employment needs of the OECD economies with a focus on training professionals in the subject of Service, Science, Management and Engineering (SSME). The last section looks at video games, console games, online games and Virtual Worlds as this is a massive growth area for the internet or 3D internet.

Here is the presentation I gave which is on slideshare. The session was recorded so I will upload it to Blip.tv when the organisers send me a copy of the video file.


izzy said...

really do like the visuals of your deck!
i must come listen to you speak next - much to learn me thinks

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