Friday, November 7, 2008

IBM Collaboration is Interesting - honest guv

I have uploaded my first presentation onto a video site, in this case The video is of a presentation I delivered on Wednesday 15th October at the New Zealand Software Association. I have already shared the presentation in a previous blog entry but you are now incredibly lucky to have me in glorious technicolor pontificating about Social Media.

Comments appreciated.

Uploading Video

It was quite a palaver trying to decide which video site to use to upload this piece of video. I started with but the response times to New Zealand seemed really slow. As an impatient person I binned that idea and went onto the next video site Vimeo. Unfortunately Vimeo does not allow commercial type material and because this has some IBM content I had to bin that idea. Next site, Viddler. Viddler seemed like a great option as I have had some really cool feedback about it unfortunately they couldn't accommodate a 168Mb file so they were struck off my list and thrown into the rubbish bin (trash can). Running out of ideas I remembered I had an account with Revver (who owe me 28c), two problems here, a really bad description editor i.e. html is not allowed and they don't accommodate the 168 mb video file size. Guess what? I went back to and started the upload, I guess I will have to live with the slow response. - ho hum.

Blip.TV additional extras

The video has been uploaded and has some cool extras with regards to promoting your video.

1. Share comments across your blog site - like it although not sure how it will look and feel on this blog
2. Add to iTunes - not done this before so will be interested to see what happens!!
3. Facebook - adds an application
4. channel
5. Flickr

No bad eh!?


Stephen said...

Hiya. This is great - I just looked at your presentation on slideshare and without your commentary, I can make only so much sense.

There was a good article on the different video sharing programmes in a recent Macworld article. What I really liked about Vimeo was it's relatively calm interface and customisable embed.... each has its pros/ cons as you've alluded to.


Chris Sparshott said...

many thanks for commenting!