Monday, May 13, 2013

So, what's next in the journey to "What's Next?"

Imagine there were no limits of time or money. If current responsibilities were all taken care of, then what would you do next? Take time and think this through.

Start with what is not working? Be ruthlessly honest about the things that don't fit any more.  Saying "no" to some things can spur on ideas about what to say "yes" to.
In the rushed and fast paced world patience is not easy. I know from experience that change slowly edges forward and that I have to "live into" the next steps rather than having a polished package of certainty up front.  If there is one blessing that has helped me through indecision, doubts and frustration, it is faith. The unwavering certainty that clarity will eventually surface.
So please join me in asking "what's next?" Our universal question to be feared and celebrated! Take it seriously and know that wonderful discoveries are ahead. 

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