Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Damn Channel

I have been a close observer of the Media Industry and in particular broadcasters and professional media producers such as Fox and MGM.

2007 and 2008 have been interesting in terms of media distribution with YouTube in dominance but a bunch of other web sites offering video such as Current TV, Revver and now The Damn Channel.

I am a real fan of new media content producers and broadcasters as the methods they employee show us the future of content creation. Basically a blurring between the amateur, pro-sumer and professional content creators. The advantage to us is that the audience (should) get(s) a great experience and a huge amount of choice.

There are challenges with approach which relate to the quality of the output. In order for these new media channels to work in the long term the quality has to be of a good standard. If The Damn Channel lives up to its billing of a good quality media site then is will have a prosperous future.

Here is interview by Sarah Austin with Rob Barnett of The Damn Channel.

You have to check out "You suck at Photoshop".
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