Monday, June 9, 2008

Firefox at work

My primary laptop at work (T60p) has a problem in that the screen is Kaputt. I have now switched to my secondary laptop (T60) which has the company build loaded onto it. Now comes the task of configuring it for my usage. This really means that I have to go and get the Firefox plugins. I just wanted to share with you the plugins I use with firefox:

- Scribefire for blogging
- Meebo for Public Instant Messaging
- Dashblog to grab content
- Video Downloadhelper for downloading videos
- Schrink URLs using Shrinkify
- Better Gmail2 for
- Twitterbar for twitter
- Theme
- Linkedin and Facebook

I also use a bunch of internal IBM plugins such as

- My Activities (Lotus Connections)
- Cattail (document sharing aka. slideshare)
- Dogear this (Lotus Connections)

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