Thursday, June 19, 2008

Augmented Reality

Yesterday at IBM Auckland I attended the a Retail industry session.  The keynote speaker was Myron Flickner the Global Industry leader for Disruptive technologies.

One of the most interesting developments for me was Augmented Reality.  This is where virtual world constucts, web sites and video technology meet.  It allows us to take a real life image and in real-time paint additional information over the top.  Below are some examples of the technology from YouTube.

This shows a path for enhancing our experience wherever we interact with a physical object - wow!

Augmented Reality via a mobile phone

Augmented Reality via Glasses

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Ori Inbar said...

Welcome to the club!
Augmented reality is gaining new fans every day.
If you want to see the best of teh best in augmented reality check out my blog at

Chris said...

It is a really interesting area, thanks for commenting and pointing me at your blog!