Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Profile 2.0

Profile 2.0 is a definition of an individuals digital profile.

Information about an individual can be categorised in the following five areas:

1. Basic Profile
2. Activity
3. Participation
4. Relationships
5. Data

If this Profile data is aggregated by corporations then this gives those businesses influence over consumers as our electronic activities touch every aspect of our lives. If we look at Retail and Telco industries their ability to understand and influence their customers is a core part of their business model.

The profile 2.0 provides the lowest common denominator for web based / electronic transactions. I can see a time where we have a single client that connects to the "Universal Shop" (amazon?). The Universal shop understands all aspects of our Profile 2.0 and can present information, content and business processes to satisfy our needs.

Another area of interest is ownership of content and data, I believe that I own all the content I produce (e.g. blog) or initiate (e.g. a shop purchase). How we manage the ownership and access to that data is a key component of Profile 2.0, I have included a high level architecture to address this.

I am happy to take you through the presentation if you have a need. My main interests in this area is the Enterprise Architecture and the change that profile 2.0 will have on our society and culture.

I would also like to perform some speaking engagements around this area so give me a shout if this is of interest to you.

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