Thursday, October 16, 2008

Measuring the success of Social Networking

I am engaged with a number of businesses around New Zealand helping them understand, implement and prove the value of Social Networking and collaboration for their organisations.

When we look at providing metrics which prove the value we are limited to a few possible areas:

1. Critical Business Process
2. Collaboration Business Process
3. Measuring Contribution

1. Critical Business Process (ROI)
An identified business process is measurable in terms of time to execute, resources and costs. By implementing social networking tools we are looking to modify the business process to make it execute faster, with less errors, and less cost.

2. Collaboration Business Process (Time and effort)
We identify a business process that is not effective. An example of this would be where a team of 6 remotely dispersed colleagues are working on a document. In this scenario the only collaboration available to them is email. As a team member makes a change on the document it is emailed around the team. Then one of the other colleagues makes a change and the document is again emailed around the team. etc etc The team has to employ the services of an office admin to compile the changes at the end of the day and send the compiled list of changes to the team.

lots of email and lots of wasted time!!

Social Networking and Collaboration tools can address this problem and so improve collaborative business processes.

3. Measuring Contribution (RoC)
measuring Contribution is the focus of a presentation I have shared on slideshare. I have included the show below.
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: value business)
This summarises my three ways of proving the value of Social networking and collaboration tools.

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